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Peter Zieve 3 Key Factors Entrepreneurs Need to Consider on Foreign Business Tours

Peter Zieve 3 Key Factors Entrepreneurs Need to Consider on Foreign Business Tours
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Entrepreneurs of startup organizations go to great lengths to extend the boundaries of their existing market operations. This is the only way they are going to expand the size of their businesses. Only then can they expect a significant increase in their bottom-line revenues. In many cases, they are willing to go on trips to meet potential trading partners for this purpose. Some of them may even have to travel overseas to achieve this objective. Industry experts say such proprietors need to take certain precautions when undertaking such tours. At the end of the day, they want their journey to be fruitful and safe.

Peter Zieve What do entrepreneurs need to consider when going on a foreign business tour?

Peter Zieve is the founder the former President of Electro impact Inc. His illustrious association with popular engineering company dates back to time of its inception. During this tenure, he rose to the rank of its Chief Engineer and CEO. Today, it is one of Mukilteo’s most prominent corporate organization. It provides employment to bright individuals specializing in engineering at college and university level. Many of them obtain placement through the organization’s numerous internship programs. They feel working for this concern help them to full use of their potential and creative talents. Dr. Zieve is currently running for public office for the City of Seattle in the coming elections. He hopes to improve the lives of people in this area. At the same time, he to make the place an ideal destination for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Dr. Zieve says entrepreneurs need to consider the following 3 important factors while on business tour aboard:

1. Pay Special Attention to the Itinerary

Entrepreneurs planning to travel overseas on a business tour need to plan their itinerary careful. These businessmen need to have a clear idea on what they want to accomplish on the visit. For this, they have to consider their immediate priorities and objectives. It is not uncommon for them to attend more than 3 meetings in single day. In such a case, they should arrange and confirm such appointments evenly throughout this period. This goes a long way in ensuring negotiation are productive. These proprietors should plan a flexible schedule to cope with foreseen problems like transport delays.

2. Have a Thorough Understanding of Local Etiquette

Entrepreneurs need to have a through understanding of local etiquette of the places they going to visit. After all, the potential trading partners or customers they’ll be meeting come from a different cultural background. It is important for them to know how proper greet and communicate with their counterparts. They should also pay attention to their body language. This acts as a catalyst in ensuring their meetings go successfully.

3. Listen to Travel Advisories of the Government

Governments around the world issue various travel advisories to their citizens travelling aboard. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of such individual when they visit foreign countries. The authorities issue such statements for a variety of reasons. Normally it is to provide warnings of terrorist threats, natural calamities, health risks or potential political unrest. It is prudent of the part of entrepreneurs to listen and take note of such broadcasts.

Peter Zieve says traveling to foreign countries to secure business deals can be advantageous to entrepreneurs. It can open up new overseas markets for them to exploit. This can lead to an expansion of their businesses. However, when going aboard they need to keep in mind the above 3 important factors.

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