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11 Digital Marketing Tendency You Can No Longer Ignore in 2019

11 Digital Marketing Tendency You Can No Longer Ignore in 2019
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With the year 2018 just about to get over, there are several digital marketing strategies and trends expected to be used in 2019. This is because digital marketing services are the best ways for a brand to lower its marketing expenses and reach target audience accurately. Below are the predicted digital marketing trends which one can no longer ignore in the year 2019.

1. Video Marketing:

Since the introduction of social media platforms and smartphones, video content is preferred as one of the best mediums to market a product. Now, a brand can not only effectively communicate an important message using video content but can also provide an overview of its products/services with a dose of entertainment.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Recent reports suggest that Artificial Intelligence will be enough to take effective marketing decisions. Isn’t this just mesmerizing? AI will help marketers in analyzing the consumer search pattern and behavior by using the data from blog posts and social media networks. This will further help the brand to understand how customers are finding their products/services and so they can accordingly modify their marketing strategies.

3. Automated Chatbots:

Chatbots will be used widely as a part of digital marketing services in the coming year. This extensively implemented application of AI not just displays results at faster rates but also provide customers with a personalized experience. In a recent IBM report, it is suggested that 85 percent of customer-based interactions will take place using chatbots by 2019.

4. Voice Search:

A recent research report suggests that 65 percent of people owning smart-speakers like Google Home or Alexa do not wish to return to living without such voice assistants. Smart speakers are expected to change the data browsing ways. Several brands have already included voice search command as a part of their digital marketing strategy.

5. Programmatic advertising:

Programmatic advertising is much quicker and efficient. It works by using AI to automate programmatic display ad buying and help a brand target more particular customers and achieve more conversion rates. As per eMarketer, US will have nearly 90 percent programmatic display advertisements by the year 2020.

6. Personalized marketing:

If a brand wants to stay ahead of competitors, it needs to personalize its marketing strategies. This means personalized products, content, emails, etc. It is believed that personalized marketing helps boost customer relationship.

7. Influencer marketing:

Using influencers, like celebrities or Instagram stars, to drive a message to a large customer base instead of marketing to a big customer group directly will help a brand gain much more exposure. It is an effective advertising tool as people usually trust the opinions given by influencers. Thus, using key leaders is considered one of the most amazing digital marketing services which a brand can use to grab the attention of its customers.

8. Social messaging applications:

There are nearly 1.3 billion active users of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Moreover, 55 billion messages are exchanged on WhatsApp each day. Isn’t this surprising? Social messaging applications can, therefore, be extremely useful for brands to send messages directly to their customers. These apps offer a touch of personalization and also add value to customer experience.

9. Micro-moments:

Google has termed micro-moments as the new consumer-behavior which helps a brand deliver its message in a manner which interests the customers. Generally, people take instant decisions about what they should eat or purchase, which place to go. This is why brands must use micro-moments to their benefit in the year 2019 by being where their potential customers look for info at the moment like Amazon, Google, YouTube, etc.

10. Social media ‘stories’:

These days, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms offer the ‘stories’ concept which is gaining a lot of popularity among users. This is why it is imperative for brands to consider using the format of social media stories if they want to get the expose. Apart from this, they can also use live video to have more brand awareness.

11. Visual search:

Currently, it’s Pinterest which is using the visual search strategy to its advantage. They introduced an all-new kind of visual tool called Lens which facilitates users to upload a picture of a product to know the places they can purchase it online or look for similar items. Similarly, marketers can stand out by using the visual search tool in the year 2019 to drive in more customers and provide them with the perfect item.

The coming year will be all about AI, rationalization and good customer experience and automation. Hence, it is important for brands to use these latest trends to stay ahead of the competitors.

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