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Boost Up Your Sales Graph by Using BOGO

Boost Up Your Sales Graph by Using BOGO

All the business owners are waiting for the festive and holiday seasons to flourish their sale. They will make many attractive offers and coupons for their customers during this time. BOGO or Buy One Get One is the best of those offers for customers. It can make clients buy more products beyond their needs. This is an old but effective idea to boost-up your sales. Let us discus about some useful tactics on how to use BOGO to get maximum customer attraction.

Customer Psychology

If you offer some discount on your fixed price then a customer can get it at a cheaper price. But, in BOGO, the customer can get exactly double the product within the same price. This is the main reason behind customer grabbing the BOGO offer among all, because we all love to have some extra. It is good to get a high quality product at a cheaper rate. But it is much better to have two same products at the price of one.

Create Urgency

Always try to advertise your BOGO offer with a countdown. For example, you can use “Only Seven Days before Halloween” or “10 Days before Christmas” types of write-ups in your advertisement to catch customer’s attention in advance.

Social Media Promotion

You can get help from social media to spread out your banner or poster through internet. It’s better to ask an expert to do this job for you or you can do it by yourself also, in local social media profiles.

Banner Design

Make a colorful and attractive banner with big letters which shows Buy One Get One offer. Use eye catching colors like yellow, black, red, green in your banner and poster.

Out of Stock Policy

Tell your close customers to come early to avoid out of stock problem. They’ll definitely come early and buy your products. But, you have to maintain the quality of your products well.

This is a very popular and attractive technique to generate sales quickly in the festive seasons. Keep these vital tactics in mind and make some profit by using BOGO in your shop.